Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catherine Mary Stewart talks with HORROR SOCIETY

Before there was Mary Beth Evans as "Kayla Brady", there was Catherine Mary Stewart. After Catherine left DAYS, she starred in a lot of of those guilty pleasure 1980s miniseries such as Sins and Hollywood Wives; and since then, she has achieved quite a following for her work in sci fi and horror film.

Check out Catherine's recent interview with Horror Society. In it, she has the following hysterically funny quote about her work at DAYS:

"An hour show a day is difficult. My very first day on the set was humiliating. It’s my very first scene as Nurse Kayla Brady and I had to name every single character. I got everybody’s name wrong! Everyone was like No, I’m Maggie and this is Hope!" And, as for the most exciting thing that happened during her tenure on the long soap? "I lost my virginity to my brother! Josh Taylor was playing Chris Kositchek at the time and I lost my virginity to him. Now he’s back on the soap, playing Roman Brady, Kayla’s brother. So, I lost my virginity to my brother!"

To keep up with what Catherine Mary Stewart is doing these days, check out her website and Facebook page.

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