Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billy Warlock returning as Frankie

What is up with all the bizarre casting news this week? Billy Warlock's stint as Ross on One Life to Live was apparently short term (I thought this was miscasting anyway), so maybe it doesn't matter so much that he is now reprising his role as Frankie Brady on Days of Our Lives.

However, as a long-suffering Jack and Jennifer fan, I have to go on a rampage now. This is not good news any way you look at it. Matthew Ashford has not been asked back and Billy Warlock has? Even if Matthew is asked back, as so many DAYS fans are hoping right now, is this just going to lead to another tired Frankie/Jennifer/Jack triangle, Part Three? I don't buy for a second that Frankie's returning for the sake of his sister, Carly. DAYS never seems to be able to keep Frankie and Jennifer out of each other's orbit even though that ship sailed a long time ago. Leave it to DAYS to deflate my excitement about Melissa Reeves' return in less than a week!

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  1. Soap Opera Digest talked with Days' Executive Producer, and he said there isn't a plan to bring Frankie back. Jack and Jen fans can now relax.