Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Real Days of Our Lives Housewives!!!

The group [NBC Local Media] also will get an assist from its network and syndication marketing arms. They are partnering to create a cross-promotion featuring the network’s soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and Real Housewives that will rebrand the reality show as a new sort of daytime soap.

“From a network, we see it as a benefit for us,” says Scot Chastain, NBC’s senior VP of affiliate marketing and development. “By pairing the two, we send more of a youth audience to Days, and we expose an older audience to Housewives. There’s a lot of cross-blending potential there.”

The promo will incorporate clips from both shows, highlighting how they are thematically similar. “It’s all about daytime, drama and divas,” says Donna Mills, senior VP of marketing, affiliate relations and communications for NBCU Domestic TV. The promo will air on all 10 of NBC’s owned stations, and on 27 other NBC affiliates.

Via Broadcasting & Cable website.


My opinion: More of daytime selling its soul to survive. Just like the soaps catered to Viva Las Vegas during the Daytime Emmys, settling for a Las Vegas travelogue with an occasional award handed out to one of those minor daytime stars...now DAYS is going to become eaten up with reality TV show promos to accompany those annoying product placement ads that already is happening way too much on the show. Add that to all of Ali Sweeney's fame from The Biggest Loser; and it is even more Reality TV Land. Of course, I'm just one of those old fuddy duddies that actually liked television when it was scripted...so what do I know? And the stories I could tell you about the "Real Days of Our Lives Housewives" that I know would make for a much juicier plot!!!

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