Friday, June 18, 2010

Rating the Alice Horton Returns, Part 1

Jennifer. Always a fan of Melissa Reeves. It's nice to hear all the "Jack" references which really makes me miss Matthew Ashford as well. I liked that DAYS acknowledged the history of Jennifer with Bo, Hope and Carly. I did not like how Jennifer and Sami were suddenly BFFs when they have had a cantankerous relationship for years. More rewriting of history to make Sami look like a younger version of Good Girl Marlena.

Shane. I love Charles Shaughnessy. He's a breath of fresh air to the show, but I'm ready for him to get out of that jail. He needs to be reunited with Kimberly rather than be stuck with Rafe. There's only 10 episodes of him, after all.

Marie. Maree Cheatham is an actress that was before my time of watching DAYS; but I love what I'm seeing of her so far. I wish the spunky lady would stay on the show because we need more Hortons.

Bill and Laura. Interesting that the whole Kate/Bill/Laura triangle is being dusted off and put up out there again. Again, this reminds me that lately it's been this whole resurgence of 1990s DAYS on the show again. John Martin is not quite the late great Ed Mallory, but so far I like what I see. I confess I'm not much of a Jamie Lyn Bauer fan, but maybe this time I can adapt.

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  1. Oh how I agree with you on Shane being reunited with Kimberly. I do not like him working with Rafe.Charles is a very good actor. He was my other crush in the 80s. I loooved my Thaao and I loved my Charles so much on TV. Now I respect their talent a lot more and yes I find both still attractive. Just a whole lot more grown up about it. lol
    I miss Jack too. Jen without jack is like cereal with out milk. It can taste good but it can be a little dry. Meliisa is oh so young looking and her acting is very good. Love her.
    Laurie I remember Maree. I loved her stories and she was Alice in a way. The two acted like sisters at times and yet Alice in time of trouble was a mother.
    I am enjoying the vets as they come by for the visit. My big beef is Steve, John, Marlena, Jack, and my beloved Tony will not be there for the visit.