Saturday, June 19, 2010

SOD article about Alice Memorial

June 29th issue of SOD, courtesy of Daytime Royalty

The week begins with Lucas’ return to Salem. He brings Allie to see her great-grandmother, who has taken a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Alice’s trademark doughnuts are being baked in the kitchen, and Melissa & Jennifer work on a family scrapbook.

At the hospital, Lexie is stunned to see Mike Horton, who came into town to see Alice, but got in a car accident on the way home. Maggie then delivers the grim news to everyone that Alice has died.

A devastated Hope breaks down to Doug. “Hope is very upset at the thought that Bo and Hope aren’t together and that’s what Alice is going to remember, “ explains Kristian. “Family is everything to Gran and you don’t just walk away without a fight.” Doug assures his daughter that Alice always held out hope that the Bradys would reconcile.

The town gathers for a graveside memorial, where Alice’s nearest and dearest get a chance to remember her. “It’s not a typical church setup; they simulate an outside set,” reports Bryan Dattilo. “We’re not all at a podium giving our speeches about Alice Horton. I thought that’s what was going to be and it’s not. I think it is a great way they put it together. They gave me a nice, little speech. Kudos to the writers of DAYS for their brilliant honoring of Frances Reid. I was happy to be there.” Melissa Reeves adds, “It will be great for the fans because they weren’t at the memorial at NBC; they didn’t really get to see all the memories of her.” Kristian Alfonso praises, “The writers did a really beautiful job and captured what each character meant to Gran.”

After the funeral, Kim makes a startling discovery in the crowd – Shane. “It’s a classic moment,“ says Patsy Pease. “She has been asking about him, she wanted him to be there in the hospital when she had leukemia, she listened for his footsteps. She never stopped loving him, but the last thing she wants to tell him is how much she has needed him.”

As for one of Salem’s other favorite pairs, “Hope and Bo have a little bit of a tender moment at the gravesite and she asks if he’ll come back to the house, “ previews Kristian. “She says, ‘Gran would have wanted that.’ And he comes back without Carly – because there is no place for Carly right now. And then Hope overhears Bo talking to Abe and Roman about taking over the case, which, of course, ignites Hope’s fury. It drives that wedge between them again.”

And then the lights go out in the Horton home. “After coming back downstairs, Hope’s the only one left in the house, “ says Kristian. “Gary Tomlin said to me, ‘It’s probably the last time we’ll see the Horton house,’ so he had me walk thought the living room and take it all in, the moments that were shared there when Hope was just a little girl and all the advice and laughter. And then I walk out the door. It’s very sad to think that it would be the last time, but how could we ever be there without Frances?”


My comments: Sounds like a Shane/Kim reunion is definitely in the cards. Thrilled about that! I was hoping a Bo/Hope reunion would also happen, seeing as Alice was instrumental many times in helping them out in times of trouble. It would have been a nice element of rebuilding a relationship after loss...but, hey, I'm not the headwriter. Very sad to hear that this is going to be the end of the Horton house. One more piece of DAYS history destroyed.

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