Friday, June 25, 2010

Rating the Alice Horton Returns, Part 2

Kayla – Great to see Mary Beth Evans as always…but I admit I really missed seeing Steve by Kayla’s side. Seeing Kayla and Stephanie together was sweet…but Stephanie needs Daddy Johnson around to snap some sense back into her. All this just makes me glad that Mary Beth is going to “The Bay” where she’s going to be a main character and appreciated.

Melissa – I still like Lisa Trusel as a blonde better, although I can appreciate why the actress wouldn’t want to redo her look every time there’s a funeral. The Melissa/Nathan scene was just weird for me. Maybe if we had a clue of who his father was or what his childhood was like, there would be more of a connection between mother and son. As it was, it felt hollow. I had more of a kick out of seeing Melissa and Kayla reunite. What long-term viewer can forget when Melissa was in love with Jack and was accused of having poisoned Kayla? A reminder of better DAYS.

Lucas – The wounds are still fresh for me about Bryan Dattilo being dumped before. Great to see him around…but he was so wasted!

Carrie – This character was never one of my favorites, but I found her return to be the most well-written so far. There was solid acknowledgement of the present such as Carrie’s apology to Sami for Anna’s kidnapping of Sydney. There was acknowledgement of the past such as the poignant scene between Mike and Carrie at the hospital. The Carrie/Sami reunion was nice to see. If DAYS insists on making Sami a good girl, you could at least see her character assuming responsibility for her crimes against Carrie. Of course, I never really thought Austin was worth all that hoop-la in the first place…but that’s just me.

Mike – Another shout-out for the great Carrie/Mike scene at the hospital. I like the acceptance of the past, but there were still longing looks between the two of them…wondering how things could have been. Still, is Mike with Robin or isn’t he? And it would have been fun to hear him kvetch about what a brat Jeremy turned out to be.

Maggie/Jennifer – These two were the perfect characters to have to do the heartbreaking scene when Alice actually passed. Maggie and Jennifer are two characters so closely associated with the original Horton family…and Suzanne Rogers and Missy Reeves are phenomenal actresses who had the chops to pull it off. Kudos! With all the hoop-la going on with the returning cast members, sometimes it’s easy to forget what this is all really about. This scene made me remember with tears.

Sure to be more ratings to come for Part 3, including more Kim and Shane along with the actual Alice Horton funeral.

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